The Power Of A Choice!
Yes, YOU have the power to choose. It is the greatest power on earth! With this power our lives are shaped either for good or not so good. Every choice we make has a consequence. And, that’s the kicker! The consequences are not within our power to control. What happens as a consequence or as a result of our choice is like a natural law of the universe.

For example, you have a plant. You choose to water it. The consequence: it lives. Or, you choose not to water it. The consequence: it dies. You can choose whether to water it or not, but YOU cannot choose the consequence, the consequence is not within your power to control; it is a natural result, something that is a part of the very fabric of how the cosmos works.

How silly it would be to choose not to water the plant and then be surprised or angered by the fact that it died. That would be like expecting all of nature to work in some other way than how it actually exists.

It is the same with all our choices.
We’ve all made good choices, and we’ve all made poor ones. The consequences from the best decisions usually bring positive things into our lives. The consequences from the not-so-great choices typically bring us a lot of pain and suffering.

A good question to ask is: “Will this choice bring positive things and lasting joy into my life, or will this choice ultimately bring suffering and pain to myself or others?”

At Power of a Choice Assemblies, we are working to help you make good choices for your life. The good news is that at any moment, we can change the course of our lives by making a smart choice and seeing it through. We have the power to choose to turn our life around! It helps to have a few people that we can trust and share our decisions with that will encourage us to make good decisions and stay with them.

If you or someone you know or love needs help making a good decision or recovering from a bad one, please contact us by clicking here.

Or, if you’re interested in having Dr. Rick Amato speak at a school or in your community, you may contact us by clicking here. Dr. Amato circumvents the cliché approach of “just say no,” and adds “...this is why.” Amato delivers a message from the point of view of a man, who was once a boy that struggled with drugs, alcohol, and violent behavior. Amato was raised just outside the streets of Detroit, MI – longtime, violent crime capital of the United States, and he knows from his own experience the consequences of both good and poor choices. Dr. Amato is uniquely qualified to help.

What the students say… 
“You just recently spoke at my school the other day. Your message was very powerful. I believe you touched a lot of teenagers, and they will now not have to question whether or not they should pick up that bottle of beer or cigarette. You sharing this with us has changed my life tremendously. I heard some kids talking after you left and saying that they were going to get help. They said, ‘Rick did it…I can do it too.’ Please continue to touch hearts all over the world.” - Jennifer

“Today you visited my school. You were the best speaker I’ve ever heard, keep doing what you are doing because you make everything seem possible.” - Daryl

“[Since the assembly] I’ve been asked to take a drink, but I walked away. I’ve thought about the consequences.” - John

What Educators Say…
“In my experience, I have never seen a speaker capture our students’ undivided attention as you did.”

- Allison Haley, Guidance Counselor

“In my fifteen years of service in the field of public education, I can say that I have not seen a more powerful or more positive presentation than the one you delivered here on our campus.”

- Dr. Brian Matney, Principal

“At the end of his talk, he received a standing ovation. Students are still talking about how meaningful Rick was as an assembly speaker.”

- Melanie Edmonds, Asst. Principal

About Addiction
What is addiction? Many people are confused about what addiction actually is. Who is an addict and how did they become this way? Others think only people who use illegal street drugs, like heroin or cocaine, are addicts.

Dr. Amato says, “Addiction is a developmentally acquired brain disease, a complex system of behaviors that is formed in the earliest stages of human development. It is a disease for which recovery is possible.”

For this reason, Rick is committed to getting his message, “The Power of a Choice,” into every home in America.

It All Starts Inside Your Brain

Addiction is a brain disease. Americans spend nearly $300 Billion on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes every year and more than a million people [are] arrested every year on drug related charges. The Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse released a study showing that states spend more than 13 percent of their total budgets just ‘shoveling up’ the wreckage of addiction— [that’s] as much as they appropriate for higher education and 100 times what they spend on prevention and treatment.

Studies have also shown that the earlier alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use begins, the greater the chances for an individual to become addicted to these substances. In a survey, 31 percent of high school seniors, 25 percent of sophomores, and 15 percent of eighth graders said they consumed at least five consecutive drinks one or more times in the previous two weeks.

A passion of Dr. Amato’s life is to help students avoid starting down a path that leads to addiction and helping those who already have know that there is hope and that they can make the choice to change. There is help, and you can win the battle with addiction. It all starts with the Power of a Choice.

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